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Interstate Freight Broker

Looking to start a freight broker business that will require you to arrange for the movement of property across state lines? These packages will get you up and running.

Requirements to be in compliance.

  • BMC-84 or BMC-85- Surety Bond amount is $75,000 or Trust Fund Agreement amount is $75,000

  • Designation of Process Agents BOC-3 Filing

After having your surety bond agent and process agent make their electronic filings. You must wait for your company to clear the 10-day to protect period before the authority will be granted. Now I like to tell my customers it will take 21-days for them to clear the protest period. In most cases, if everything gets on file quickly they will be ready to operate.

Also, a reminder for you to check into. Is insurance for your customer's product. These days more and more shippers are requiring freight brokers to also be insured to do business with their company.