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In The Trucking Business

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Having A Team Working For Your Business

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Building a Trucking Fleet

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Starting a Trucking Company Running Solo

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Making Money in the Trucking Business

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Master Your Business With Our

Trucking Business Courses

Learn How To Start And Run A

Successful Trucking Business


Want to learn how to start a dispatching service that helps motor carriers get better freight rates? Our Dispatch for Hire course will train you to do exactly that. We work with you through the process of closing your first dispatch load.

Learn how to become your own boss in the trucking business. You wish to own a trucking company and make large profits. We can show you how. With over 27 years of industry experience, we can make that dream a reality. 

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How To Build A Trucking Business From Scratch. Obtain Your Authority And Any Other Permits Needed To Get Started!

What you will find here inside Run My Truck Biz.

Run My Truck Biz

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Services Available For Every Trucker!

Means being a Safe Trucker. Through our system of many services, we can either teach you or assist you. 


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Trucking Authority For Motor Carriers Who Want To Do Business Across State Lines

Designation of Process Agents BOC-3 Filing Is A Pre-License Requirement By The FMCSA

USDOT Number Is A Must For All Motor Carriers To Be In Safety Compliance Industry

Unified Carrier Registration Required For Majority Of Companies Who Cross State Lines

Intrastate Authority Is Required In Twenty Nine States To Operate Point To Point Inside These States

New York HUT Permits If You Will Transport To Or Through NY Over 18,000 LBS or more

Kentucky KYU Permit Is Required By Any Motor Carrier Who Will Tranport Through Or To KY and Have Over 59,999 LBS

New Mexico Weight Distance Permit Required By Those Carriers Who Will Be Over 26,000 LBS 

Oregon Permits Are Required For Motor Carrier Doing Business In Oregon Over 26,000 LBS

Drug & Alcohol Resonable Suspecion Supervised Training Is A Must For Those Who Will CDL Drivers

USDOT Compliance Requirements Of Company Records Available

Passing The USDOT New Entry Audit Your First Go At It

International Fuel Tax Agreement Requirements Permits And Record Keeping

International Registration Plan Requirements And Record Keeping

Overweight & Oversize Trucking Permits Required For Those Carriers Who Transport Such Freight & Equipment

Corporation or LLC Filings With All 48 States

Quarterly Fuel Tax Reporting IFTA, KYU, NYHUT, OR And NMWD.

Many More Requirments You May Not Be Aware Of Get In Complance And Stay In Compliance

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We're Not The Same. We Invented The Game.


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