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Making Money in the Trucking Business

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Building a Trucking Fleet

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Starting a Trucking Company Running Solo

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Trucking Business Courses

Learn How To Start A Successful Trucking Business


Learn how to start a business helping trucking companies manage the compliance regulation of the Federal and State requirements. This course is designed for anyone who is looking to finally start a business with very little setup cost. Learn how we were able to go from $48 thousand a year as an employee to making over a million a year in just three months.

Learn how to become your own boss in the trucking business. You wish to own a trucking company and make large profits. We can show you how. With over 27 years of industry experience, we can make that dream a reality. 

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What Makes Run My Truck Biz Different

Complete Courses For The Trucking Industry

The team at wants to make sure you are successful in your learning.

We have one thing the others don't have. That's over 27 years of experience in doing everything we teach.

Complete video courses on how to build the business of your dreams.
From trucking companies, permit agents, and dispatch services that teach how to get the top rates even in a bad market.

Our trainers have real-life experience working in all fields in the trucking industry. 
Rob Curry with over 22 years of working as a truck driver and motor carrier business owner. The toughest negotiator in the business.

Everett Madison with over 27 years as a driver and business owner for the last 20 years. His knowledge is unimaginable. He has built permitting agents and trucking companies from the ground up with very little capital. 

Let Everett and Rob show you how this is done...

Real Experience and Knowledge

Safe Trucker Inc - 2003-2010
The company was a trucking one-stop-shop for the transportation industry. With over 28 employees and over $2.9 million in gross revenue. Based in Midwest City, OK, and offices in Columbus, GA. Sold for the unclosed amount in 2010. LLC - 2005-Current

The company started as a load board in 2005-2010. Now the company is a platform for trained dispatchers by the Dispatch For Hire third-party training platform.

Dispatch For Hire LLC- 2005-Current

The company started as a dispatch service which has negotiated hundreds of thousands of loads in the years to pass. The company was registered as a trademark in 2005 by the USPTO.

Everett Madison Trucking LLC- 2014-2022

The company generated over $40,000 plus per truck. With only two trucks in the fleet. One drove by Rob Curry and the other one by me. We were able to sell the company in 2022 to retire both of us.

Everett Madison Logistics LLC - 2014-Current

This company is the business bringing you all this knowledge to start your business. They are a licensed freight broker in the industry. So who better could teach you the industry.

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We're Not The Same. We Invented The Game.

Starting A Trucking Permit Business

  • Learn how to set up the company from the start

  • Understand different types of trucking authorities, State and Federal Levels

  • How to apply for the authorities

  • Learn how to apply for motor carriers plates and registration

  • Filing all trucking permits

  • How to register with the states

  • How to find the carriers to do business with

  • Know the USDOT requirements for trucking companies compliance

  • Organizing your business records

  • On line advertising and what's productive

  • Learn how to file fuel taxes, and records needed for carriers

  • Motor carrier company files

  • Networking in the industry

  • So much more

Starting A Trucking Company

  • Step by step training how to build your business from the start

  • Learn how to own a trucking company with or without equipment

  • Based on types of customers, what trucking authority needed

  • Record keeping to be in State & Federal regulation compliance

  • How to organize your business from the start

  • Lowering cost and increasing profits

  • Understand industry closing skills and tricks

  • Gain real knowledge in the business

  • How to negotiate freight rates in markets

  • Understanding markets and trends

  • Equipment maintenance and files

  • Trucking permits and fuel taxes

  • How to obtain equipment registrations and tags

  • So much more

Build Business In The Trucking Business

Are you interested in starting your own trucking company? Or maybe you're already running a trucking company, but you're struggling to keep it afloat. Either way, we can help.


At Run My Truck Biz, we specialize in helping people start and run successful trucking companies. We have first-hand experience in building and running trucking companies, so we know what it takes to be successful.


Our courses cover everything from setting up your trucking company, marketing your services, to training your staff. We'll even work with you after the course to ensure your business is running smoothly.


If you're ready to take your trucking business to the next level, contact us today to sign up for one of our courses. We'll help you get your business on the right track and ensure its success for years to come.